Empowering women investors in Venture Capital.

Diversity in venture capital leads to better decision making and fund performance, facilitating the success of the whole sector as well as the startups these VC’s invest in.

However, despite the rapid growth of venture-backed companies, there are too few women making investment decisions in VC and investment in women founded startups has lagged, with solely women-led startups attracting only 0.7 per cent of Australian VC investments¹.

WinVC is a non-profit women-led initiative, focused on supporting the career trajectory of women investors in venture capital.

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Foster the success of women investors in venture capital

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We're focused on fostering the success of women investors in venture capital. We want to see more women in senior and mid-level roles in venture firms, as well as founding their own firms. Our program is centered around learning and knowledge sharing, alongside opportunities to connect and collaborate.

Whole Community Events - Half Day events providing opportunities for education, knowledge sharing and networking.

Fireside Sessions - Inspiring leaders conducting honest, unfiltered discussions.

Workshops - Interactive, skills-based workshops focused on taking a deep dive with experts into topics chosen by you, the community.

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Open to women in investment roles at any level within Australian VCs

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WinVC is a free program for women in investment roles at any level within Australian VCs.

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