Empowering women investors in Venture Capital.

Diversity in venture capital leads to better decision making and fund performance, facilitating the success of the whole sector as well as the startups these VC’s invest in.

However, despite the rapid growth of venture-backed companies, there are too few women making investment decisions in VC and investment in women founded startups has lagged, with solely women-led startups attracting only 0.7 per cent of Australian VC investments¹.

WinVC is a women-led initiative, aiming to bring together women VC investors to develop new opportunities, facilitate collaboration and help foster female talent in the industry.

WinVC brings together women investors for networking, mentoring & education.

Read about WinVC in the Australian Financial Review
Foster success of women investors in VC
Attract more women from diverse backgrounds in VC investment roles
Raise the profile of women-led VC Funds

Want to be part of WinVC?

Exclusive access to a diverse community of like-minded women VC investors, for knowledge sharing, education and support

2-3 whole community events per year, providing opportunities for education, knowledge sharing and networking

Attend fireside chats with inspiring leaders conducting honest, unfiltered discussions.

Membership of a forum - a small (6-10 person) group of investor peers where members listen, learn and support each other in a small, safe and confidential group environment.

Am I eligible?

Open to women in investment roles at any level within Australian VCs

WinVC Membership

As a member of the initial cohort, you will have access to a reduced rate for the first year.

  • Individual Membership is $1,750
  • >5 women investors from the same firm, 10% discount per member
  • >10 women investors from the same firm, 20% discount per member

Become a WinVC Member.

WinVC membership is now open. Register your membership for the first cohort now.

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Join us in supporting women in Venture Capital.

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